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About the artist

Game Credits

Need for Speed: Undercover (DS)

(Environment Artst, Vehicle Artist, Prop Artist)


Need for Speed: Nitro DS)

(Environment Artist, Vehicle Artist, Prop Artist)


Octane Demo (Wii)

(Environment Artist, Prop Artist)


Spongebob: Boating Bash (DS)

(Multiplayer Environment Artist)


Cars 2 (DS)

(Character Rigging, LOD Artist)


Hot Wheels: Track Attack (Wii, DS)

(Environment Artist, Vehicle Artist, Prop Artist)


Jaws Ultimate Predator (3DS)

(Animator, Prop/Character Artist)


Thoroughbred World (iOS. Facebook)

(Environment Artist)


Tablet Match (iOS)

(Game Artist/Programmer)


Red Bull Augmented Racing Reloaded (iOS)

(Environment Artist)


50 Ways to Survive (iOS) (Train)

(Character Artist/Animator)


Skate N Crash (Android, iOS)

(Character/World Artist, Animator, Programming)


Cosmos Combo (Android, iOS)

(2d Artwork, Programming)


Panic! in Vegas (Panic! at the Disco)

(3d Artwork, Programming)


Bob Job (Sia)

(Programming, UI Tech)


Sword Coast Legends (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

(Technical Artist)


ALIENS MiniMates (PC and Mac)

(Creative Director)

I've been creating digital art since 1994. I was a US Marine for 8 years, I also worked for several years as a graphic designer/illustrator. I graduated college, got a degree in doing something I love very much. I am absolutely in love with the creation of video games.


I have worked in a couple of game studios and worked on some very cool projects like Dungeons and Dragons (Sword Coast Legends), Need for Speed Undercover, Need for Speed Nitro, Hot Wheels Track Attack, Spongebob's Boating Bash and Jaws: Ultimate Predator. I love making games and right now I create them 100% myself. I work on freelance projects to pay the bills. I'm especially interested in the power of the mobile phones today, particularly the iPhone and the iPad. Most of my development focuses around these devices.


I use Unity 3D game engine to do my development, coupled with Photoshop and 3ds Max. I use both PC and Mac workstations for development and am a licensed developer for Apple's iOS, Google's Android OS, and the ID@xbox indie program.

NFS_Undercover Jaws_Ultimate_Predator NFS_Nitro HW_Track_Attack Octane_Demo SB_Boat_Bash Cars_2

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